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Live Every Day as an Adventure

Queensland (August 12th to August 26th 2018

Sunday August 12 Flight Canberra to Cairns

Monday August 13 Cairns (Bike assembly & Botanical Gardens)

Tuesday August 14 Cycle Cairns to Port Douglas

Wednesday August 15th Port Douglas

Thursday August 16th Cycle Port Douglas to (Tour Daintree River) and on to Cob Bay

Friday August 17th Cow Bay

Saturday August 18th Cycle Cow Bay to Cape Tribulation

Sunday August 19th Cape Tribulation (Snorkling Great Barrier Reef)

Monday August 20th Cape Tribulation to the top

Tuesday August 21st Cycle Cape Tribulation to Diwan

Wednesday August 22nd Cycle Diwan to Port Douglas

Thursday August 23rd Cycle Port Douglas to Cairns

Friday August 24th Tour the Tablelands

Saturday August 25th Tour the Tablelands

Sunday August 26th Flight Cairns to Canberra